Trump administration wants to make redlining easierTrump administration wants to make redlining easier

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Mortgage lenders will find it easier to discriminate against prospective. of financial industry rules proposed by the Trump administration. The new rollbacks take a two-pronged approach to undermining a relatively new. to the industry than consumer groups wanted – this new assault on data collection.

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Among other changes, the Comptroller’s office has "softened a policy for punishing banks suspected of discriminatory lending." Yes, you read that right. Trump has made it easier for banks get away with discrimination. He’d surely say that there are "some very fine people on both sides" of that discrimination.

In the United States and Canada, redlining is the systematic denial of various services to residents of specific, often racially associated, neighborhoods or communities, either directly or through the selective raising of prices. While the best known examples of redlining have involved denial of financial.. The lenders had to consider FHA standards if they wanted to receive FHA.

Redlining produced an enormous racial wealth gap. If the Trump administration succeeds, this discrimination will continue and be much harder.

Philadelphia Offering Up To $10,000 For First-Time Home Buyers Philly First Home program will provide up to $10,000 (or 6% of the purchase price, whichever is less) in assistance. The recipient must: A. Be a first-time homebuyer or a buyer who has not owned a home for at least three years B. Be a resident of the City of Philadelphia for three years and must purchase a home in Philadelphia C.

The Trump administration wants to go with hard targets that apply across the board. The notice issued by the Comptroller introduces the prospect of a metric-based framework.

(BIARRITZ, France) – President Donald Trump is threatening to use the emergency authority granted by a powerful but obscure.

The rule was proposed by the Trump administration, which wants to get rid of “broad-based categorical. “Categorical.

The Trump administration plans to unveil a major revision to. In all, any changes could make it easier for banks to meet certain. In recent years, the law has become a source of conflict between community groups that want the rules to be. The CRA was originally passed to stop “redlining”-a practice.

The Trump administration wants to cut public access to information on how, and to whom, banks loan money, making it harder to fight redlining.

Redlining, the refusal by banks to lend to poor and minority communities, was so common. by the American Bankers Association, a powerful bank lobby that wants to relax the rules. advocacy groups fear the Trump administration will weaken the lending requirements and make it harder for low-income.

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